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Windows Home Server 2011: Installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 on an Alternate Port

Windows Home Server 2011

    1. Log on to the server’s console as administrator (or any user with adminstrator privileges)
    2. Download SharePoint Foundation 2010 from the Microsoft web site: and copy the file on the WHS hard drive
    3. Execute the installer
    4. Click on Install software prerequisites. The installer will automatically download all software required for installation SharePoint Foundation 2010. Depending upon the speed of your Internet connection, this step may take some time…

    1. Click Finish

    1. Click on Install SharePoint Foundation

    1. Click on Standalone. This option will install everything locally including the SQL Server database engine. Follow on-screen instructions.

    1. Click on Finish

    1. SharePoint’s default web application homepage should open as depicted hereunder. The problem that since it also runs on port 80, it has disable WHS’ original IIS virtual site which also runs on port 80.

    1. Start the SharePoint Central Administration Web Site. Click on Configure Alternate Access Mapping

    1. For the collection named SharePoint – 80, edit the internal URL which is currently pointing to http://yourservername

    1. Right after the server’s name and the traling /, add :100 (or any alternate free TCP port you’ll find suitable) then click OK

    1. Open the IIS administration console. From the left pane, click on the site named SharePoint – 80. On the right pane, click on Bindings… Replace the port 80 with the port you previously configured at step 12. Click OK

    1. For cosmetic reasons, you may wish to change the IIS site name in order to reflect the actual port used. From the left pane, right-click the the site’s name then click Rename. Edit the name accordingly.

    1. Try accessing the default SharePoint web application using the newly configure port, it should work fine.

  1. That’s it, WHS 2011 is now running SharePoint Foundation 2010!

Important Note: When configuring permissions in SharePoint, the standard people picker will not be able to browser users since it is not member of an Active Directory domain. You’ll have to enter the user’s logon name preceded by the server’s name then click on the name lookup icon instead.