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Windows Home Server 2011: Installing phpBB

Windows Home Server 2011

    1. Log on to the server’s console as administrator (or any user with adminstrator privileges)
    2. Navigate to then click on Get Web Apps

    1. On the left, select the category Forums then for phpBB click the green button Install

    1. Before installing any application, the Web Platform Installer must be installed first. Click on the big green button Install Now and let the installation happen.

    1. Once started, the Web Platform Installer will display the web application you wish to install, click the button Install

    1. Select the Database engine you wish to use. In this case, MySQL and install it on my machine. click Continue

    1. Review the list of application(s) as well as their dependencies then click I Accept

    1. Set and confirm the root password for MySQL then click Continue

    1. Let the download and installation happen… The duration depends on multiple factors such as the Internet connection speed…

    1. Sor simplicity, chose the Default Web Site and enter a name that would not conflict with existing application/virtual directory already running in IIS, in this case phpBB3 then click Continue

    1. Select Create new database and enter the password of the root user you previously set at step 8

    1. The application and it required components are all installed successfully, click Finish

    1. Although you could add extra applications or tools, that’s enough for this time so click Exit

    1. Start phpBB and perform its own configuration as you would do with with a hosted version… And here it is, WHS is running a clean and smoothly installed instance of phpBB!

The purpose of this tutorial is not only to help installing phpBB on top of of WHS but also to demonstrate the ease of use of the MS Web Platform Installer. Feel free to use it in order to help you installing tons of popular web applications and tools on Windows Server and Client!