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Windows Home Server 2011: Installing FTP Service

Windows Home Server 2011

    1. Log on to the server’s console as administrator (or any user with adminstrator privileges)
    2. Open the Server Manager console
    3. From the tree-view on the left, click on Web Server (IIS) then on the right pane, scroll down to the section Role Services then click on Add Role Services

    1. Check the boxes FTP Server as well as the underlying FTP Service and FTP Extensibility. Although the last one is not strictly required, it can be useful if you need extra functionalities

    1. Click Install

    1. Click Close

    1. Open the IIS Management Console. If one console was previsouly open, close it then open it again.
    2. Right-click on the Sites node from the left pane’s tree view then click Add FTP Site…

    1. Name the FTP site then enter the local path it maps to then click Next

    1. Unless you have multiple network adapter or IP and which to use a specific one, keep the Binding section as it is. Enable Start FTP Site Automatically and select No SSL. click Next

    1. Depending upon your security requirements, select anonymous and/or Basic (Basic is recommended), select who is allowed to use the FTP site and finally, if it is acessible in read and/or write (yes you can write without being allowed to read!) then click Finish

    1. Back to the IIS main console pane, you’ll see the newly created FTP site as well as a summary of its configuration. Open a command-prompt and type FTP then OPEN followed by the name of your server then hit Enter. Depending upon the configuration you set at step 11, you will be prompted to authenticate or not.

  1. That’s it, you have your FTP Service running.

IMPORTANT: “Basic” authentication virtually  means “password visible in clear” so be careful when publishing the service on the Internet or even inside your home network. Use SSL option if you wish to secure the transmission of your credentials.