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Revisiting the Microsoft Online immutable ID design decision

Hybrid Identity

Some time back I posted about Azure Active Directory synchronisation using Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2 and the Azure AD Connector. My focus was multi-forest deployments, but as we know this topology was required for several advanced scenarios too. Microsoft have since shipped Azure AD Synchronization Services (AADSync), soon to be rebranded Azure AD Connect (AAD Connect), which negates the need for FIM for most deployments and further solidifies the mentality that the Azure AD identity bridge should be separate from the enterprise identity management solution.

Having deployed quite a few FIM and AAD Connector topologies for large, enterprise customers, and having been involved in planning and design, implementation and deployment and post go live support and transfer to operations I have learned, the hard way, that the immutable ID design artefact is a massive consideration, too often overlooked and not understood. I talked about this in my post

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Add or Modify SharePoint 2013 Search Topology using a PowerShell built User Interface

Karine Bosch's Blog

In SharePoint 2013, there is no real user interface to modify the search topology. Well, there is, but you can only use for a single server farm. If you have more servers in your SharePoint farm, you have to do this through PowerShell.

One of my South-African Premier Field Engineer colleagues Scott Stewart developed a tool on top of PowerShell WITH UI to create or modify a search topology.

Read more about it here: “Add or Modify SharePoint 2013 Search Topology using a PowerShell built User Interface

A few screenshots to get you curious 🙂

Search topology tool

Search topology

It looks like a very promising tool! Have fun with it!

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Create a Real-Time IT Dashboard with PowerBIPS

Simply brilliant!

Rui Romano Blog

Last week we published on GitHub a powershell module for the new PowerBI developer REST API’s named “PowerBIPS”, download it here:

In this post I will demonstrate the ease of use of this module and show you step-by-step how to build a powershell script that upload server stats to PowerBI allowing the users to build a real-time IT dashboard like this:


The script is divided in the following steps (full script):

  1. Import the PowerBIPS module
  2. Get the Authentication Token
  3. Create a PowerBI DataSet
  4. Upload data to PowerBI

Import the PowerBIPS module

The script starts by importing the powershell module:

# Module need to be installed on %USERPROFILEWindowsPowershellModules
Import-Module PowerBIPS -Force

Or by pointing directly to the .psm1 file:

Import-Module <path to module>PowerBIPS.psm1 –Force

After this all the PowerBIPS cmdlets are available for use in the PowerShell console.

Get the Authentication Token

Next we need to get the…

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