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Synology: Resource Monitor not Loading



On one of my Synology NAS (I call them NAS but they would deserve a more flattering name), the Resource Monitor widget refused to load and remained stuck on Waiting like depicted on the screen capture below:

While I thought upgrading to DSM 4.2 would solve the problem it did unfortunately not, therefore I started playing around and found the culprit: SNMP. I actually found two possible causes:

The built-in SNMP Module

  1. Log on as admin on the web interface
  2. Go to the Control Panel
  3. Under Network Services, click on SNMP
  4. Uncheck Enable SNMP Service
  5. Reboot (yes reboot IS needed)
  6. Go back to the Control Panel and check Enable SNMP Service again

The NET-SNMP Daemon

Months ago I had installed the NET-SNMP using IPKG in order to get Cacti working. It appears that it may also prevent the Resource Monitor from load. Here is how to remove it:

  1. Open an SSH or Telnet session to the Synology as root
  2. Verify net-snmp is installed by executing
    ipkg list_installed
  3. If present, execute the command hereunder to uninstall it
    ipkg remove net-snmp
  4. Reboot the box (yes reboot IS needed too)

Happy Synologying!