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SharePoint: Downloading SPC2014 Content using Synology Download Station

SynologySharePoint 2013


Like many of you, I was rushing over Channel 9 web site to download SPC2014 videos. Every year, Scripting guru’s are elaborating incredible pieces of script to automate content download, sometimes in a very reliable way (throttled download, file integrity verification, progress measurement…).

However, Synology owners can rely on the power of DSM’s Download Station to effortlessly download all video’s and slides in the most reliable way.

Using Download Station

  1. First, visit the Channel 9’s SPC2014 page to get the RSS feed of the content:
  2. In the upper right, copy the URL of the RSS feed for the content’s format you’re interested in. Note: obvisously, you can take note of multiple feeds (video or audio only for example)spcvidssyno1
  3. Then log on to your Syno’s DSM and start Download Station
  4. Click on the RSS Feed view on the left menu then click on the plus sign to add a feed. Add the RSS Feed URL(‘s) you previsously noted and chose if you wish to download all content automatically or select from the list afterwards. Click OK. If you select automatic download, it will start right away.
  5. Depending upon your bandwidth condition, manage concurrent downloads, pause, resume or stop as needed

Note: This download method works with any Channel 9 content as long as you put your hands on the appropriate RSS Feed and might also works with other sites… So why bother coding when you have the supreme NAS experience at hand 🙂

RSS Feed URL’s

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