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UAG2010: Configuration Lost after Installing Service Pack 4

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In this post I will modestly relay a problem experienced by a customer that was hopefully resolved by MS product Support.

After Installing the Service Pack 4 of UAG 2010, the complete configuration was missing. It was impossible to restore a backup taken prior installing the Service Pack because the schema of the database storing the configuration evolved. We were in a rather uncomfortable position…


Hopefully, the solution to this problem is rather simple:

  1. From the Control Panel, uninstall the Service Pack 4 and reboot once prompted
  2. After rebooting, open the UAG console and verify the current build version of the product. Due to the prerequisites for SP4 installation, it should be 4.0.3206.10100, which means Service Pack 3 + Update Rollup 1. You can refer to this page if you need MS product build versions, it covers UAG2010 as well
  3. “Normally”, the configuration should be back as well. If not, restore it from a previous backup. Since build versions are identical, it should work fine
  4. Activate the configuration then reboot the server again. The situation should be stable from this point. For safety, take a new backup before going any further
  5. From now you can attempt to install the Service Pack 4 again
  6. After successful installation, activate the configuration again and take a backup

Proactive Action

In order to prevent this problem from occurring on other Service Pack 4 deployments, proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure Service Pack 3 and Update Roll-up 1 are installed
  2. Activate the configuration with the current build level
  3. Reboot the server
  4. Take a backup
  5. Deploy Service Pack 4

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