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Networking: Microsoft has Released Message Analyzer

Message Analyzer Logo

Yesterday, Microsoft has released the successor to Network Monitor: Message Analyzer.

Beyond the name change, Message Analyzer comes with a brand new way of capturing and analyzing network traffic: Instead of capturing at a very low level and filtering the flows to identify useful one, it allows to capture closer to the protocols or to the OSI-layer you are interested in. As the screenshot show hereunder: there are plenty of pre-configured layer or protocols (HTTP, Windows Firewall, File & Print Sharing, network adapter…). This greatly simplifies analysis and reduces the impact on system resources as well.

Message Analyzer Screen Capture

The capture’s details are also much easier to read, as depicts the screenshot hereunder.

Message Analyzer Screen Capture

Finally, the footprints is also reduced and the whole application is less intrusive since it does not requires to install a filtering driver. Instead, it leverages the Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) infrastructure. Unfortunately, this also means that the minimal OS requirement is Windows 7/Windows Server 2008.

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