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Windows: Using a WebDAV Folder Maybe Very Slow on Windows Vista or Windows 7

On windows Seven and Windows Vista, you may experience very slow file browsing, opening and modification when against WebDAV folders (SharePoint’s Explorer View for example). This may come Internet Explorer’s (in)famous “Automatically detect settings” option


  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to the Menu “Tools” > “Internet Options” then go to the tab “Connections”
  3. Click on button “LAN Settings”
  4. Uncheck the box “Automatically detect settings”
  5. Close and restart all running Internet Explorer processes
  6. Restart the “Web Client” Service
  7. Start browsing again…

Additional Information

IE’s “Automatically detect settings” option is there to help the user in configuring a web proxy “automagically”. It actually makes use of the WPAD protocol to discover a web proxy by 2 means (listed by priority of application): 1)As part of the DHCP configuration received by the host or 2)by performing DNS request(s). Unfortunately, when none of them succeed, it may seriously slow down Internet Explorer’s opening but also, as consequence, make WebDAV browsing sluggish because the Web Client Service (responsible for WebDAV browsing) seem to perform auto-discovery more frequently.



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