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Windows Server 2008 R2: CIFS/SMB 2.x in Details

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While Windows Server 2008 and Vista introduces the version 2.0 of the Server Message Block protocol (aka File and Printer Sharing in humanly readable words), Windows Server 2008-R2 and Seven both bring a refreshed version, the 2.1. Instead of drilling down right-here into the protocol’s details, I found more useful to post links to the most interesting resources on the Web.

Protocol Specification and Details

Tuning and Optimization

Support and Troubleshooting

Extra Goodies: Multi-threaded Robocopy and GUI

Although not directly related to SMB 2.1, Robocopy was also updated with the recent version of Windows. The main improvement is the support for multi-threaded operations, particularly interesting when massive file copy operations must take place against small files over WAN connections. I will cover this in details in a coming post. See for details. Important to note that this option is NOT compatible with the inter-packet gap option (copy using throttling).

Not so new, for those reluctant to learn and exploit all Robocopy command-lines params, there are cool GUI’s available out there, RichCopy being, like its names says it all, the richest one.


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