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SharePoint 2007: A Clockwork Orange – Some Timer Job Issues without Beethoven…

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Long time without any post? Yeah sorry March has been a pretty busy month! I’ll try to empty my backlog in the coming two weeks, I swear 😉

Recently, a production deployment of MOSS gave me the opportunity to revisit 3 interesting issues worth mentioning here.

Some Timer jobs are failing with the error “An update conflict has occurred …you must re-try this action.”

This is the consequence of an inconsistency between the timer jobs definition in the configuration database and a cached copy of them under the form of XML files located on each SharePoint server under %ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application DataMicrosoftSharePointConfig. The reasons why these inconsistencies may occur are various but the fix is common (hopefully):

  1. On every server of the farm, stop the service “SPTimerV3”
  2. On every server of the farm, delete the folders named with GUID-like names. note: you will not lose any data since these are cached copy from the database
  3. On every server, restart the service “SPTimerV3”
  4. From any server, trigger the execution of the timer jobs by executing stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs from a command-line
  5. Inspect the application event logs, the error should not occur anymore

Greetings to P Erol Giraudy and EtienneL, some MVP’s behind the excellent Club MOSS France!

The previous instance of the timer job ‘Config Refresh’, id ‘{573BE459-DF82-481C-84BD-CA14D287450B}’ for service ‘{49A27252-A326-4EF1-B698-6EBC7068833C}’ is still running, so the current instance will be skipped. Consider increasing the interval between jobs.

This error will show up on the server hosting the Web Front-end role after installing and older security update related to the .Net Framework (MS07-040).

To fix it, there is actually nothing to change in the way time jobs are scheduled, only in the way error messages are handled and reported to the event log and to the trace logs.

Look at this MS KB article for the detailed solution and explanation:

Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

An “old” issue too but still requiring extra attention. The Timer service may report this error while you are unable to open an IIS console or this console will open but remain desperately empty…

This issue is not cause by SharePoint but by the management API that sits between SharePoint and IIS: ADSI. ADSI does not seem to like when more than one thread is used to access IIS configuration and throws this exception making believe that “memory is corrupt”. Frankly speaking, the first time I saw that, I was rather considering DEP as the culprit 🙂

To regains access (for a short period until the next timer job touching IIS runs) to the IIS console, you can perform IISRESET or simply reboot the server.

To fix the problem, you’ll have to install the appropriate hot fix as stated here in the corresponding MS KB article FIX: You may be unable to manage IIS by using Server Manager if two threads access IIS at the same time.


Now time form some ultra-violence enhanced by Beethoven’s music 😉

And cut!


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