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SharePoint: Yet another warm-up script

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Slow start-up of ASP.Net applications after application pool recycle in general and SharePoint in particular, is a recurring issue reported by customers. Keeping the application “warm” thanks to a background job performing regular page processing is a quick and simple solution. While there are already a few scripts available on the Internet, I wanted to share my own, which is fully implemented in PowerShell. A few comment though:

  • This script, like (all or most of?) others, do not take care of having multiple WFE. when it resolves  the name of a web application, it will do it using DNS and therefore might point to another server… 8I’ll shortly publish another script that solves that limitation
  • To ease IIS log parsing for analytics, the script passes a specific user-agent string which eases exclusion of those requests in reports
  • The script triggers only the execution of default pages (default.aspx) which are located under the final / of the URL. Next version of the script will also solve that limitation

Feel free to download it from this location:

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