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SharePoint 2007: Updating User Profile using PowerShell

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Sometimes AD is not the preferred source for profiles information. Sometimes you feel like BDC is really a pain to configure. Sometime a colleague of yours comes with a plain CSV file which contains the perfect information in order to update your MOSS user profile information… Time for Jason to recover his identity 😉

First, let’s load the necessary assemblies:

Then instantiate the server context and the profile manager
$spSSP = [Microsoft.Office.Server.ServerContext]::GetContext(“MySSPName”)
$spUserManager = New-Object Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.UserProfileManager($spSSP)

Note: if you have no clue about the name of the SSP, you can check in the Central Admin web site or retrieve it from an existing web application bound to it.

Now that you have a Profile manager ready, you have to create a Profile object for each profile you wish to update. Since the code would eventually fails if no profile exists, you can also test if it exists first:
If it result returns “True”, you can go further, if not, you can skip that user or instead, create a new profile by executing:
$spUserManager.CreateUserProfile("THREADSTONEjbourne ")

Then instantiate a profile object for that user:
$spUserProfile = $spUserManager.GetUserProfile("THREADSTONEjbourne ")

And populate one or more properties:
$spUserProfile["Department"].Value = "Secret Services"

If you’re clueless about the list of properties you can update, simple retrieve them with the following command:
$spUserManager.Properties|SELECT displayName,Name

Once you’re done, save the changes using the commit method (and not update()!):

And cut!

Greets to W. N. who inspired this post 😉


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